What is The Billion Dollar Question? 


The Billion Dollar Question is: 

How can someone with wealth create happy, healthy and purposeful lives for themselves and their loved ones?

Creating a life that feels full and purposeful is a challenge that should not be taken lightly. While money can buy comfort and opportunities, it does not buy happiness. In fact, wealth can present a number of obstacles that are unique and difficult to navigate without the right guidance. 

Most of the services offered to wealthy families are from professionals in the financial, legal and administrative industries. These are crucial to organize and manage the family's business, financial and legal structures. However, when it comes to the family's happiness and impact, wealthy families are oddly neglected. 

The Billion Dollar Question was created to fill this gap. We use our expertise in positive psychology and behavioral economics to help our clients flourish while also overcoming the challenges in their personal and familial lives. We also help them identify and nurture their familial vision, transforming ideas into effective impact. 

Our mission is to transform the lives of the people who can transform the world. 

What we offer


We offer the following services to help our clients transform their personal and familial lives: 

Individual Sessions

In our individual sessions, we guide our clients through discovery, mapping and planning processes. We help our clients identify their values, strengths, skills and opportunities, and then coach them to create a flourishing and purposeful life.

Two-Person Facilitation

For our two-person facilitation sessions, we work with different pairs in the family. We help each pair identify how they can best relate with each other, and help them nurture a relationship that feels energizing for both parties. We also help mediate any potential conflicts between pairs by offering a safe environment where contentious topics can be discussed respectfully. 

Family Facilitation  

In our family facilitation, we work on topics that concern the whole family. We anchor the conversation in the family's strengths and opportunities. We help the family identify and strengthen a familial vision. We also facilitate inter-generational dialogue, and offer a safe environment to discuss sensitive topics. Most importantly, we help the family feel more connected and united. 

"Live what you believe or you end up believing the life you live."

- Anonymous


The Science


We stay current with the latest research and findings in the fields of positive psychology and behavioral economics to ensure the best service to our clients. We also guide our clients through the PERMA-V flourishing model developed by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (founder of The Flourishing Center, LLC), based on the original PERMA model developed by Dr. Martin Seligman (one of the fathers of positive psychology). 



To help our clients become more impactful with their philanthropic and altruistic activities we use the research and methodology from the Effective Altruism movement. The Effective Altruism movement and its affiliated organizations do extensive research to understand the ways in which people can have the greatest impact with the resources they have available. The suggestions offered are tailored to each client, depending on their values structures and preferences. Using an empirical approach to altruism ensures that our clients achieve the greatest impact for their time and money. 




Sid Efromovich

Sid Efromovich is a coach, consultant and advisor with over 13 years of experience facilitating workshops, public speaking, moderating groups and leading teams. He is a world citizen who speaks seven languages and is mostly known for his TEDx Talk on how to speak any foreign language, which has over 4 million views and a 95% approval rating. He has a BA from Boston University, MBAs from Purdue University and Leibniz Universität and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the founder of Humans United Giving Support (HUGS), a Boston non-profit that has been in operation since 2005. 

He worked as a physical sugar trader for five years in New York while simultaneously being a Master Teacher in Skillshare and teaching Sid's Happiness Workshop from 2012 to 2014. Being the son of a high net worth family, he has focused on The Billion Dollar Question for as long as he can remember. It compelled him to gain expertise in flourishing, success metrics and impact. Now, with The Billion Dollar Question, he uses this expertise to help other individuals and their respective families flourish.

In addition to heading the activities in The Billion Dollar Question, Sid is also a faculty member of The Flourishing Center, where he facilitates workshops and teaches a 6-month certificate program in applied positive psychology. 


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